I Have Space is an earning opportunity in which local entrepreneurs and store owners provide delivery and pickup services on behalf of Amazon and earn part time income. The program was launched in Aug 2014 and in 2021 the program scaled up close to 28000+ stores.

IHS points are local neighborhood stores. These stores are predominantly grocers, general stores, chemists, fast food, telecom outlets. The IHS outlets have one thing in common, which is strong local knowledge in terms of addresses and ability to service on foot / cycle a radius of 2 - 4 kms. They have existing spare manpower that can be utilized to make deliveries locally during their off peak and earn additional part time income.

  • Personal identification – Any one of Aadhaar card, Driving License, Voter ID, Passport.
  • Financial Proof – Pan card.
  • Owned premise : Any one store document in the name of the IHS Store Owner (Refer List of documents below) and either one of Electricity bill / Gas Connection bill / Landline Phone bill.
  • Rented premise : Documents as above and rental agreement. (Notarized / e-stamped / registered, either of these types of agreements will be considered valid).
  • For owned premise, if a relative applies as Store owner, then the following are needed: 1). Govt. authorized document proving relation  2). An authorization letter from the primary owner stating that the primary owner has no objection in letting the relation registering to use the premises for the purpose of delivering with Amazon / IHS.
  • List of store documents (One of the below needs to be uploaded)
  • S&E Certificate (Shops & Establishment Certificate).
  • FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) license.
  • Drug license.
  • Local Municipality license.
  • No objection certificate from the Gram panchayat (local self-governance setup under the state governments) or village administration and
  • Factories / industrial establishment certificate.
  • Udyog Aadhaar Certificate / Udyam Registration.
  • Trade license.
  • This app can be downloaded and installed on Android version. This app works well on android smart phones and android tablets. 4gb RAM and Android 6+ version is recommended.

    For a new store owner to get on boarded, he / she should be registered on amazon retail site. For a store owner who is already registered with amazon, he / she can login using the same credentials.

    For onboarding, the store owner needs to share the registered company address, store address, residential address, banking details, store working hours, PAN details. The store owner would be asked to click and upload the photograph of his PAN, residential address and the proof of ownership of the store.

    While onboarding, we ask the store owner to select the logistic services he would be interested in-Door Delivery or Pickup or both. The store owner can select the services while onboarding and the operations team, on the basis of the business requirement can enable or disable the services while activating the store.

    The store owner can edit any of the details till he has not submitted the information to Amazon. Once the details have been submitted and the store has not been activated, the store owner can’t access his store details. After the store has been activated, the store owner from within the app can edit only his financial details.

    In case the store owner has submitted incorrect bank details or wants to update the bank details, he / she can do so by accessing the “My Account” feature after the store has been activated by the operations team.

    We don’t require any physical documents to be shared with Amazon for onboarding. The store owner can click and upload the copy of PAN, residential proof and the proof of ownership of the store from within the app while onboarding.

    The Self Service Onboarding app works just fine on slower (2G) networks as well. The time taken to onboard a store on a 2G network is greater than the time it takes to onboard a store on a faster 3G or 4G network.

    Yes, most service areas will include both commercial and residential addresses.

    Time taken for your selection as IHS partners can vary on multiple factors such as availability of opportunity in your area, entity creation, processing of required checks etc. This might vary from 2 to 6 weeks. We do not guarantee that every application will be selected within the stated time.

    We do not charge any fee for onboarding an I H S store. Additionally, we do not ask for any refundable security deposit to be paid in bank accounts for new store onboardings. We request candidates to be cautious of misleading communications and not pay any fee/ deposit to individuals/ agencies/ employment portals on the pretext of onboarding I H S stores on behalf of Amazon. We request that you report such issues to ihavespace_care@amazon.com. If you have already made a payment, please log a complaint with the local police for necessary legal action to be taken.

    Yes, IHS delivery partners will use their own delivery vehicles for this program. Vehicles are not provided by Amazon.

    No, IHS Delivery associates do not require uniforms. However, you must ensure all associate wear high visibility jackets provided.

    Payment is directly credited to the bank account provided by the store owner at the time on onboarding. Payment gets credited within first week of the subsequent month. *Conditions apply.

    Store owner at the time of onboarding can opt for a pickup option at his store. These points are visible on amazon.in and any customer ordering on amazon can choose the nearest pickup point option as per convenience. Amazon Vehicles connects the packages to the store, Amazon associate transfers packages to the store, Pick up point receives the packages and then customers can pick up the package at their convenience from the store location. Store owner can opt for a pickup point option, which will be evaluated, post which the store can be activated for pickups on amazon.in website. Pickup point also increases the footfalls at your store location.

    Package remains in the store for up to 5 days – giving sufficient time to the customer to pick the package. The operating hours of the store and the real time position of the package are both visible to customer and hence can easily visit the store for pick up The packages that have aged for 5 days automatically move to “Return to Amazon” and Amazon team collects the same back. Dedicated Hotline available from 10AM to 8PM for any store queries.

    As an IHS partner, you can opt-in for benefits like low cost health Insurance from approved Insurance provider (T&C apply). This will be in addition to the income generated by the store owner by delivering packages.

    Yes, you can associate with amazon on any of the partner programs basis your eligibility. Amazon will encourage and facilitate the process of onboarding on partner programs for IHS stores.

    Discover an additional source of income with zero investment